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Rasulullah SAW dalam hadisnya bermaksud, "Sebaik-baik wanita itu ialah apabila kamu memandangnya kamu akan senang hati (gembira), apabila kamu perintah, ia patuh kepadamu, apabila kamu pergi, ia akan menjaga dirinya dan menjaga hartamu."




Friday, February 17, 2012

we r malaysia


alhamdulillah , 

masih lagi di beri kesihatan yang baik olehNYA.
masih lagi dapat jengah ke sini .
masih lagi dapat tekan- tekan kat sini .
masih lagi dapat coret- coret kat sini .
masih lagi dapat luahkan perasaan kat sini .

*sorry ! pengulangan masih lagi dapat di petikan atas !

we R Malaysia .

td petang ade road tour we r malaysia .
at auditorium .

byk aktiviti menarik .

ia di bina dibawah andante resources .
ni ade sedikit info ..

Malaysia We Are One!

Andante Resources is founded in Malaysia with a commitment to inspire and empower

 the emerging generation regardless of status, colour or creed to rise up and engage 

in nation building.

We are a bunch of young people from different backgrounds and walks in life. Much of what we have done is related to helping families and communities; providing counseling, youth work, strengthening families and organizing motivational camps.

 We have realized that one does not have to be religious, rich or famous to lend a helping hand. Giving begins in the heart and all it takes is the willingness and availability to help. 

At the beginning of our journey, we were just a handful of individuals with little resources; we were armed with only a heart to give. With what we could do and what we could give, we just volunteered our help, not expecting anything in return. We had no idea or dared not imagine that we would get here. 
Through the years, the number of volunteers has grown to become a big family.

We believe action speaks louder than words and we are comfortable with being nameless and faceless. Until now, we have wanted to keep a low profile. But because of what we have seen, we have discovered there is a greater need than just meeting basic needs or providing community services. We realized that we are interdependent on each other and that no community is an island. We are a nation of communities that co-exist with one another and for one another.

 Malaysia began well with the different communities coming together to build a nation. 1969 proved to be a blemish on what was up to then a clean record. Since then we have been trying to build a nation, but political and racial polarization has got in the way and widened the gap between communities. The gap between the rich and poor has also increased with greater disparity. 

We are willing to lay down our preference to be nameless and faceless to get this message out: We are simply Malaysians wanting to be simply Malaysian. Basically we need one another and we need to help one another. This is the bigger picture and whatever happens to our neighbour will eventually affect us. We cannot continue to go on building our own islands resorts or castles and think that everything will work 
out well. 
Nation building takes time and effort. The time to work at helping others begins now and we can never be too busy to overlook this.

akan menyusul . mcm biase ,
our picas !

in the beginning road tour ~

my poster .
15 min giving time to complete that poster .
'eksaited' doing it !

zoommmmm !!!

we r malaysia .

many but one !

<3 it !!

hehe . kelakar je kan . pakat hentam je lukis ni .
dari kiri --> chinese , malay , india 

we r malaysia !

dira with her poster ~~

budak wajib interprem di sini .
jangan marah !

sekian , harap maklum .

both of us !

last but not least ,
she is mine ~~~

---> already receiving the text from someone td , engagement to be getting soon . hopefully , happy always . & congratulation . from us ! TQ for the text !

msg di atas kepada sesiapa yg berkenaan !

correction : text dari KAWAN , not from mohd hazmeer hamzah . bukan kami yang akan bertunang . sekian harap maklum ..

bui- bui semua .

Assalamualaikum ~